My SelfHosting Adventures

Posted on April 20, 2022


Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

None of this would’ve been possible without Oracle’s Always Free cloud instances, so a Thank You to Oracle for offering them. Oracle offers virtual instances for free to use but with some constraints, one of their new additions is the ARM Ampere A1 Compute, these are in my opinion far better than X86 EPYC machines offered as they have a higher core count as well as 24 freaking GB of RAM so well sufficient for my selfhosting adventures.


Now, even if I have a webserver to host my website and services, I still can’t just share my server’s IP address so that others can access my websites. For that one needs a domain name pointing to their server like—> Now you can yearly pay 2-8 USD to keep a domain name to yourself but I’m a student who doesn’t want to spend his money for now, so I used Freenom to get for free for 12 months, so yeah I’ll have to move to some other domain in a year but this will still serve it’s purpose till then.

Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare too offers a cool free tier which I will use to get fast nameservers for my domain and a proxy to protect my server.


This is the cool open source community who inspired me to start on this journey by showing the advantages and their cool Grafana and Homer dashboards.


This is the web server that will serve my webpages and also serve as an reverse proxy to my services ports.


This is a P2P, i.e. a Peer-To-Peer service that allows me to share my files between my phone, my laptop and my server even if one of them is down.

Future Plans

Customising Homer(Dashboard that displays all of my services), a Pastebin alternative, a Quick File Share using Links, Personal Media Server(Netflix clone, will use Jellyfin for the Frontend UI, Sonarr for TV Shows and Radarr for Movies, these will grab my desired shows and movies from Torrents and sort them too).